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okay but imagine:

  • natasha romanoff helping drunk girls get home and refusing to let them go by themselves
  • natasha romanoff punching gross men who catcall girls
  • natasha romanoff speaking out against slut shaming
  • natasha romanoff always looking out for the girls in her neighborhood
  • natasha romanoff supporting all girls no matter what

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me too, Arya, me tooooo

This whole scene is golden.

you could hear arya going through puberty

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The moment when the table turns.

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sometimes I see this and I get a little sad

because I wonder what happened to the girl who tried to comfort a monster, the one who couldn’t even watch when her father was run over on the street, the one who collapsed into her mum’s arms after losing her best friend, the girl who demanded a serving maid be kept safe because she mattered just as much as Charles Dickens

I don’t mean to say I don’t like the woman she became, or that she isn’t compassionate or kind or caring, and I definitely am not saying that the nineteen/twenty year old Rose wasn’t brave or capable or daring

but I look at those gifs and I think of all the worlds she must have seen, all the things she must have been pushed through and all the ways her heart must have broken because it must have been momentous for Rose Tyler to not even look behind her at those people running, to not even twitch at the explosion blooming behind her, for her face to look so goddamn cold and her whole body so used to the weight of a gun

she must be happy with who she is, as well she should, but I wonder if she sometimes looks up at the stars and misses the girl she used to be, the one who watched Cassandra die- the megalomaniac vapid villain who tried to kill her- and turned to the Doctor and asked him to save her

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"Just thinkin’ about my body and…mustaches that I might have in the future"


"Just thinkin’ about my body and…mustaches that I might have in the future"

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(x) (x)

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What if humans had wings and the feathers were the same color as our natural hair color but we could dye them different colors if we wanted to or add glitter and there were salons dedicated to wings where we could get them preened and colored and there was a whole section of fashion and health dedicated to wings and work-outs designed to make your flight muscles stronger for endurance or speed and and and


Dude, what are you on? I want a hit.


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Hannibal: the Musical at SDCC

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Another collection of people being kind.  



*makes a decision to try to be one of these*

"meter homie"

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